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PFK GLARION s.r.o. is an important company (the Company) specializing in the processing of metal scraps. In the market the Company is active in the sphere of purchase, processing/finishing and sales of ferrous and nonferrous metals, with a special view to aluminium materials. The Company is active not only in the territory of the Czech Republic but also in other countries of the European Union.

Portfolio of aluminium materials, we are processing, is rather extensive. These are mostly aluminium splinters of various chemical composition, wires, plates and sheets, profiles and other types.

Apart from aluminium materials the Company is an important supplier of stainless materials, low carbon steels and ferrous scraps for metallurgical works and foundries. With a view to the wide spectrum of buyers we can assure for the takeover of all materials.

PFK GLARION grants service of free of charge collection of materials for which task it makes the use of its own containers and trucks. For the finishing of materials, we use machines and technological procedures of our own. The Company invests regularly into the purchase and implementation of new technologies and equipment.

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